Sonchamp (78120)

Type of project : Replacement


I had been looking for some time for a way to improve my dual-flow ventilation system, which had followed a conventional single-flow CMV.

It was a VMC “VIM AEROPLAST” which became “UNILEVENT”.

The improvement had already been significant, but it did not eliminate the cool draught on the shoulders which became more and more pronounced as the outside temperature dropped, to become unpleasant under 5°C.

I discovered RTR3000 DATEC on the Internet (RTH MyDATEC), the first telephone contact was very cordial and quickly convinced me.

I sent the MyDATEC sales representative a small survey of the existing system and very quickly I received the estimate as well as a schematic diagram of the future installation.

Decision of replacement taken, everything went as planned, the big package arrived mid December 2009.

The Christmas vacations were spent in the attic.

The very first days of January, the thermometer oscillated between 0 and -13°C, and the result was not great.

But soon after it was a very pleasant surprise to the same of my expectations.

Already no more cold draught on the shoulders and since April the heating is stopped and the temperature of 20°C is maintained without any problem.

As far as comfort is concerned, it is a success.

On the economic side, we will have to wait for the bill at the end of September.

For the refreshment, it will be necessary to wait for the summer.

I would like to underline the courtesy and availability of this company and in particular of the MyDATEC sales representative who, until recently, sent me a small accessory to improve the installation.

A true professionalism, thank you.


Bernard *****