Galargues (34160)

Type of project : Construction

Reduce my electricity consumption with a thermodynamic ventilation system

First of all my motivation was to reduce my electrical consumption with a thermodynamic VMC in the house that I entirely designed (plan and second work)

Right from the design stage, we had to make choices about materials and heating methods.

We have chosen to reinforce our floor, wall and ceiling insulation with the best products available today.

For the heating, we wanted to have a thermodynamic double flow VMC. A few manufacturers offered more or less complete solutions. Only GAC MyDATEC was able to listen to my expectations and adapt the device to my needs.

Being in the south, we had expectations in heating but also in cooling. We therefore chose to create a night zone and a day zone; with a heater in the night zone and the possibility of cutting off the day zone which is heated or cooled by a 5 kW reversible air conditioning unit.

Since September, our VMC is in service. It is a great success. Everything is in accordance with our expectations; we had all the technical information during the commissioning with my electrician.

This installation must be done (in my opinion) by, at least, a very good handyman.

The diffused air is slightly dry but very healthy, a slight inertia remains present during the important needs of rise in temperature, it is necessary to put all the auxiliary heaters on the way to arrive quickly (1 h) at the desired temperature, but it is true that we are a little chilly!

I recommend this temperature control to my friends and plan to reinstall it if I ever build again.


Johan *******