Biot (06410)

Type of project : Construction


I am sending you our testimony even though we have not yet put our MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV into operation because the house is still under construction. I will send you an additional testimony in the future.

We are building in the south of France, Biot (06), a passive house which should be low energy. We insulated it from the outside with 10 cm of polystyrene sheets, double glazing, and no thermal bridge. Following a thermal study carried out with the PHPP 2007 software (passive house), it turned out that our heating needs would be quite low.

Passive houses all have a double-flow ventilation system to allow ventilation while avoiding maximum heat loss. That’s how, after long research on the internet, we discovered the MyDATEC thermodynamic HVAC concept. After long telephone discussions with the MyDATEC sales representative we were convinced that this would be a good solution for our house (ventilation + preheating of the incoming air). When it is very cold (quite limited in the south) we will use the fireplace in the living room which will be built with a heat accumulation principle, to bring us the missing calories.

We were very well advised. We exchanged our house plans by email, and received a proposed installation diagram. After some discussions, this scheme was slightly modified, and we then decided to place an order. The delivery arrived on time and without any damage. The execution plans were very clear. All the materials needed for the installation were in the boxes.

We will testify to the effectiveness of the MyDATEC after it is put into operation.

We wish you a happy holiday season,


Patricia **********