Suevres (41500)

Type of project : Replacement


I had a Jacray’s double-flux heat pump, which gave me satisfaction, but which, following a short-circuit, became inoperative and without possibility of repair: the Jacray’s company does not exist any more and I did not find anybody accepting to look at it.

After researching on the internet I discovered the company GAC MyDATEC which had the type of thermodynamic double-flux ventilation unit corresponding to what I was looking for.

After contact (the welcome is very warm), and definition of what suited me best, I was offered a RT 300 H MyDATEC.

The delivery was fast and made in very good conditions: perfect packaging.

It took me about three hours to uninstall the old pump and install the new one following the instructions.

The electrician’s intervention also lasted about three hours. During the start-up, a warning lamp indicated an operating ano