Warhem (59380)

Type of project : Renovation

complete satisfaction about the Thermodynamic CMV
Hello, I have the pleasure to communicate you my opinion of complete satisfaction about the VMC Thermodynamic.

After having searched on the internet for a solution of double flow ventilation for my house (15 years old) I turned to DATEC.

A few e-mails later I received a very complete file for an installation proposal.

The idea was to couple the VMC to the ventilation of the chimney to bring calories especially in period of big cold and to limit the consumption of electricity being subscribed to the contract EJP.

After a telephone conversation with the MyDATEC sales representative, we agreed on a delivery in early August (before the GAC MyDATEC vacations).

As expected, the package arrived, quite large (a good cubic meter), in very good condition and very well packed.

The MyDATEC sales representative made sure by phone that the equipment was received before he left on vacation.

For the assembly, nothing could be simpler, the work was prepared in the factory with color codes on the different parts and the attached diagram judiciously stuck on a cardboard (practical when you are in the attic)

The house is a single storey. It was not necessary to drill into the concrete. The only difficulty was the heat of August, even in the North!

Before the work, the chimney ventilation was noisy and the main fear was to have a VMC installation with so much discomfort. However, the MyDATEC sales representative assured us that this problem would be solved by modifying the circuit.

After a short week of work, we could appreciate the success as soon as we started; especially the “summer” position which allowed us to “cool off”.

With the fall over and the first frosts coming, the ventilation works very well and gives us a uniform temperature in the whole house, a dream…

Alain *********