MYDATEC Neoabita and POP UP HOUSE join forces to participate 

the national day of air quality
 in  inviting you to visit a house equipped with the latest MYDATEC SMART 200 + with air quality sensor 
Summer and winter comfort and air quality are at the rendezvous. “On this house we have two years of hindsight” says the founder of NEOABITA Rémi Agrain “the POP UP building is a big part of it”. The MYDATEC providing 4 seasons comfort controlled by its touch screen or SMART PHONE with MYASSIST.  The air quality is illustrated and controlled by two VOC sensors.
Passive hot active double flow Cooling Passive (free cooling) or active .
-> Rendezvous on Friday, September 21 from 9am to 6pm.
A free open house is being held in a house that has been lived in since 2016 at :
St Romain Lachalm in Haute-Loire (43).
Google maps link :