Fixin (21220)

Type of project : Renovation

Hello, after defining the ventilation needs of our house, I chose the RTR 2000 (RTH MyDATEC).

So I contacted the MyDATEC sales representative who sent me, along with the plans of our house, a very complete file detailing all the elements and diagrams necessary for our installation.

Following the approval of the project, we received all the necessary material, in a very neat bonding, and discovered quality material and very well located for the future installation.

The installation went very well, and the commissioning was very fast (thank you for the detailed plans and the color markers).

It has been almost 18 months since the installation, and we can therefore confirm the usefulness of a soft air conditioning in summer, with a better comfort during the big heats (for the young children, but also for the adults!!). In heating mode, you will be surprised to find that the radiators of the central heating system are being “tapped”, and you will notice that the boiler still does not start until the outside temperature is below about 7°C.

We have found that the air in the house is drier and healthier in all seasons despite its 6 occupants and the life that comes with it.

We could notice a clear decrease of our gas bill, about half of the previous years (8000 Kw), but for electricity it is the opposite, it is an over-billing of – of 3000 Kw ~for a house of 100 m2, with 2 bathrooms.

We were even able to test the after-sales service following a slight leak on the power plant. The service was fast and efficient.

In short, if we had to do it again, we would do it again.

We thank the GACMyDATEC team for their patience and dedication for the countless phone inquiries they gave us.

Sylvain **********