Les Castors Rhône-Alpes at MyDATEC with Kit Maisons Bois

MyDATEC and Kit Maisons Bois receive the Castors Rhône-Alpes in the MyDATEC factory in Dardilly on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 from 5:00 pm.  Presentation of solutions made in Rhône for self-builders… A second highlight for self-builders at MyDATEC.

Castors Rhône-Alpes auto constructors castors rhone alpes

Castors Rhône-Alpes auto constructors castors rhone alpes

The Rhône-Alpes Beavers are an association of self-builders. The goals of this association are to accompany self-builders and self-renovators, to promote good techniques, if possible ecological and low energy. More than 600 members at the Rhône-Alpes Beavers!

The decision to build or renovate your home is not a trivial one. eco-friendly house. It can be imposed by financial constraints or simply by the desire to build the family nest. It is imperative that this decision be thoughtful and measured. It is then necessary to know how to surround oneself with good advice and the experience of those who have already been through it. Discover that you can build yourself by applying the RT 2012. This is what the association Castor Rhône-Alpes proposes to you by providing you with tools allowing you to realize your project in the best conditions.

To know more about the Rhône-Alpes Beavers : http://www.castorsrhonealpes.fr/


Castors Rhône-Alpes - Wooden houses kit

Castors Rhône-Alpes – Wooden houses kit

KitMaisonBois is a Lyon-based company specialized in the distribution of French-made wood-frame houses in kit form, specially designed for self-construction.

KitMaisonBois offers you solutions to facilitate the self-construction of your house:

  • The structural part with the factory pre-assembled walls and the frame.
  • The assembly of the structural part out of water to facilitate the implementation.
  • The supply of several options up to the finishing kit.

All the structural wood of the KitMaisonBois is made of softwood, different species and sections are used depending on the objective and the load supported by the wood.

The KitMaisonBois are exclusively manufactured in France, because it is the only way to obtain the obligatory decennial insurances and to have a product which corresponds to the French DTU (rules of construction). This also guarantees you a reliable after-sales service. KitMaisonsBois works from your plans in order to be able to answer your request and your needs.

To learn more about Kit Maisons Bois : https://www.kitmaisonbois.com/