Hilbesheim (57400)

Type of project : Replacement

Attached is my testimonial for the replacement of an Aeroplast STH 250 heat pump

Since 1979, I have been using an Aeroplast STH250 heat pump heating system and electric convectors with an EDF EJP subscription. I quickly gave up my convectors for a wood stove while leaving the electric system in place.

My system had been working like this for 28 years, with the stove helping the heat pump in the coldest weather.

In 2007, my Aeroplast PAC broke down and I wanted to keep my installation and only change the PAC group. After a lot of research, I found after the MyDATEC concept, the most efficient material.

The installation was carried out without any problem and to date, it has been working for 1 year with great satisfaction. I would particularly like to thank the sales department and its entire team for the delivery times and especially for the technical telephone assistance and their know-how throughout the installation of the new equipment.


Xavier **********