Montsoult (95560)

Type of project : Replacement


In 1981, while fitting out our house (in the Val d’Oise), we had a double flow heat pump (Air/Air) De Dietrich RAE 2300 installed, with electric radiators as a complement, equipment that has always given us satisfaction……. but at the end of 2007, beginning of 2008, some main parts failed (turbine, compressor) … nothing abnormal after 27 years of good and loyal services (but not profitable to repair) … and this manufacturer no longer making this type of equipment, it was necessary to look elsewhere …. on the internet….

… Hence the company GAC MyDATEC, in the Rhone, reached by phone and proposed their concept VMC double flow thermodynamic DATEC “RTR 3000” (RTH MyDATEC), with very fast transmission of their documentation by specifying that they had already replaced several heat pumps identical to mine, also very old, by theirs. Then, after their installer came on site to see the possibilities of replacement, which turned out to be positive (pipes already existing), we received a very complete estimate with detailed plans and diagrams + installation instructions. In fact, this RTR 3000 (RTH MyDATEC) has better technical characteristics than my previous heat pump, with the added benefit of cool air in summer!

So …. After much reflection, the decision was made… and the installation was carried out at the end of February 2008:

– impeccable work and realization by your installer (Mr. David Tocheport).

The operation of the RTR 3000 (RTH MyDATEC) is great, both for cool air in summer and for warm air in winter, having already been able to test both possibilities many times.

In winter mode, the RTR 3000 (RTH MyDATEC) operates on its own (without switching on the electric radiators) up to an outside temperature of 8°C (for 19-20°C inside).

I must also thank the MyDATEC sales department, which answered every phone call I made, for some small details of understanding, with the greatest precision and kindness.

The material was delivered several days before the date set for the installation, and the work was completed very quickly (removal of the old pump and installation of the new one: the RTR 3000 – RTH MyDATEC).

I can only be completely satisfied, on all levels, with the company MyDATEC that I want to thank for all its seriousness.

Sincerely to you and your team.

Jean-Marie *******