Bourgoin Jallieu (38300)

Type of project : Replacement

User testimonial

Experiences as a private customer are often disappointing or even conflicting, fortunately by contacting the managers of GAC MyDATEC, I was reassured: there are still merchants who have a sense of welcome, service and real human relations. I also appreciated the fact that the economic question always remained in the background to leave the first place to the relationship and the satisfaction of the customer.

Special mention also for the deadlines: the people in charge really went out of their way to meet the challenge I asked of them and they succeeded while keeping their good humor.

On the technical side, the company excels in providing information and explanations and the managers are very keen to adapt their product to the customer’s precise needs. And there we are really reassured by their skills, the technical passion that drives them and their desire to make their products always more efficient.

For the implementation, the preparation is exemplary: all the elements are marked by color according to the plan of the personalized installation; and the “telephone assistance” is always available (without contract and without supplement !!!! ).

My experience is still short and is limited to the heating function for the moment. The RTR 2000 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC) replaced a double flow ventilation with recuperator. When the system was put into service, what a pleasure and astonishment to feel the heat in all the rooms where before only cool air arrived, and what a satisfaction to be warm with all the electric convectors turned off (except for the bathroom) and this as soon as the outside temperature is above 7°.

The first particularity of my installation is that the fresh air intake is located in a south-facing veranda, which allows the RTR 2000 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC) to operate with outdoor temperatures well below 7°. The installation of a thermostat in the upper part of the air intake causes the new air fan to switch to high speed as soon as the temperature is higher than 28°C in order to store the maximum amount of calories in the house during the sunny period.

The second feature is the use of a wood stove in the living room during the coldest periods. To ensure compatible air flows between the stove and the RTR 2000 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC), a fine-tuning and customization was necessary (elimination of the vacuum phases and switching of the majority of the incoming flows to the night zone).

The DATEC RTR 2000 (RTH MyDATEC) is installed in the unconvertible attic space of a truss structure and is suspended from it. As I am personally very sensitive to noise, GAC MyDATEC provided me with a kit of dampers to eliminate any transmission of vibrations and also the use of ducts and vents adapted to have a sound level that does not create any discomfort.

I am very satisfied with all of this and I am looking forward to seeing the energy savings.

Yves ******