Brindas (69126)

Type of project : Replacement

De Dietrich RAE 2300 heat pump

At the end of 2005, I replaced my old De Dietrich RAE 2300 heat pump – which had been working to my great satisfaction for 25 years without any breakdowns but which needed a gas refill – with the RTE 3000 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC).

Given the performance of my old system, I wanted to find at least the same level of performance, with the added benefit of cooling.

After one year of operation, the results are positive. As far as heating is concerned, the new pump works as well as the old one. It is also much quieter:

At the level of insufflation, we hear nothing when the air passes through the vents. Compressor noise has also been eliminated due to the new location of the pump – suspended from the frame – which eliminates all vibrations. The operation of the pump can now only be detected by the light on the switch.

In addition to the pump’s