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Type of project : Construction


After one year of use, I am attaching my feedback on our MyDatec Thermodynamic Double Flow Ventilation System.

In the context of our construction in Nord-Isère, we consulted a lot of different heating professionals. Our house of 124m2 on two levels not having access to Gas, and not wishing to resort to Fuel, we first considered conventional heat pump systems. Not being fully convinced, and having already obtained a lot of information on the double flow CMV, we turned to the MyDATEC system.

In addition to a traditional electric heating (electric floor heating in the living room and convectors), we coupled our VMC Thermodynamic with a 50m long Canadian well Hekatherm. For the installation, we benefited from the advice of the MyDATEC team. Despite some apprehensions, and with the help of an electrician friend, everything was simple and the installation was quick. The MyDATEC team was very supportive, especially during the design phase, as the installation itself was relatively simple. We even had a little pleasure in coupling our kitchen hood to the system: silence in the kitchen (extraction motor in the attic) and recovery of unpolluted kitchen heat or less humidity and loss!

After one year, we are perfectly satisfied with our windows without holes, with the quality and discretion of the system and even more with the performance obtained. Indeed, our RT2005 house coupled with the MyDatec Thermodynamic CMV + Canadian well, consumes about 63KWh/m2/year (heating/cooling and hot water production), although the insulation remains to be perfected on the garage side and the last winter was particularly long. When the RT2005 indicates 80kWh primary/year/m2 for fossil fuels and in the South of France, our consumption at the limit of the Isère cold lands satisfies both our slightly ecological ideas and our finances! In addition, despite the summer overheating, we have always maintained a maximum temperature of 25/26° at the height of the summer without the compressor ever turning on. Not to mention the quality of the filtered air and the ease of drying inside, which delights my wife, who is an enemy of electric dryers!

What’s next? In addition to the insulation of the garages that we have just completed, perhaps to couple our Thermodynamic VMC with a small wood stove in order to be freed a little more from electricity.

We are delighted with the system, and very happy not to have given in to the sirens of the heat pump and other classic aerothermal commercials!

Thanking you, I am also attaching some pictures.

Eric *****

Central to the cellar