Type of project : Replacement

You have asked me for a written testimony concerning the installation of a MyDatec thermodynamic V.M.C. in my home, this one was put into service on: 09/10/2013 (start-up report sent to MyDatec for validation of the manufacturer’s guarantees). It is with pleasure that I answer you.

I have to tell you that I didn’t remember that I had this great machine!…

Yes ! For more than a year and after a rather sharp adjustment, because I have in addition an electric boiler which replaced my first heat pump, dead of old age, that my V.M.C. MyDatec functions with a remarkable discretion.

I said “sharp” why? Because I use the V.M.C. Thermodynamic as my main heating system and the electric boiler as a backup in case the V.M.C. is not enough. I found that for outdoor temperatures of ≥ 5°c there is only the V.M.C. that works, which is enough to have 21°c inside. Below these 5°c outside, the electric boiler, underfloor heating, starts up periodically. Around 10°c the V.M.C. Thermodynamic works in “dotted line” and cherry on the cake, above 24° outside we have the leisure, or not, to position the V.M.C. in cooling, and it works! As an indication, my house is originally insulated for an integral heat pump, i.e.: losses of 8 KW/H with a Δt of 27°c for 150 m².

When I say that: I didn’t remember that I had… well, it is perhaps intellectually dishonest, because it is compulsory to check, clean and eventually change the two main filters in the machine “every three months, very easy access”. And finally, it is much more than a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with heat pump, technically, we will have understood, but the big advantage, it is that it saves me money, and that it is also very pleasant.

Jean-Marc ******