Type of project : Replacement

You have asked me for a written testimony concerning the installation of a MyDatec thermodynamic V.M.C. in my home, this one was put into service on: 09/10/2013 (start-up report sent to MyDatec for validation of the manufacturer’s guarantees). It is with pleasure that I answer you.

I have to tell you that I didn’t remember that I had this great machine!…

Yes ! For more than a year and after a rather sharp adjustment, because I have in addition an electric boiler which replaced my first heat pump, dead of old age, that my V.M.C. MyDatec functions with a remarkable discretion.

I said “sharp” why? Because I use the V.M.C. Thermodynamic as my main heating system and the electric boiler as a backup in case the V.M.C. is not enough. I found that for outdoor temperatures of ≥ 5°c there is only the V.M.C. that work