Find below and in its entirety the article of the N°730 (December 2015) of The Installer: Article – “the thermodynamic double flow ventilation at MyDATEC”.

Article - Thermodynamic double flow ventilation at MyDATEC

Article – Thermodynamic double flow ventilation at MyDATEC


Thermodynamic double flow ventilation at MyDATEC

The Lyon-based SME MYDATEC presented its thermodynamic VMC, a “3-in-1” product dedicated to low-energy individual houses and small tertiary premises. The device, a 60 kg box, integrates a small power heat pump (2 kW) which recovers the calories from the building ventilation. It provides ventilation, basic heating and cooling through the CMV network. Coupled with a wood stove, for example in houses larger than 100 m², the central unit can also redistribute warm air in the rooms thanks to a specific suction port, again using the existing network of the CMV. For small houses, an electric supplement is sufficient for the coldest winter days.

The centralized control is operated through a touch screen that indicates the temperatures as well as the consumption (ventilation, heating, cooling, free cooling). In the tertiary sector, on the other hand, the control is carried out according to the occupation, thanks to a sensor of temperature, moisture and COV which increases the flows according to the pollution.

All units are delivered in kits ready to be installed on site with installation drawings.

Source: L’Installateur – N°730 – December 2015