Bourgoin Jallieu (38300)

Type of project : Replacement


It is with pleasure that I communicate my first impressions of your company.

My JACRAYS air-to-air heat pump broke down after more than 20 years of good and loyal service. Disaster, this company does not manufacture this type of product. After wandering on the internet, I finally came across your company, a ray of sunshine appearedCOPY00a professional and friendly welcome; answers to all my anxieties, finally: happiness.

A questionnaire provided by your company allowed me to specify my needs followed by a quote received quickly. Material practically available from the factory with good advice.

The ability to assemble this heat pump on site allowed me to easily move the various components to the attic of my home. The connection with my old installation was done without too much difficulty.

A first “hot” winter has just passed. It is true that this one cannot be taken as a reference but I could appreciate the comfort of the ventilation as well as the easy maintenance (dusting of the filters). The thermodynamic efficiency at mid-season seems to be much better than with my old system.

As a general appreciation, I would say that the strength of your company is its small structure which allows a high level of reception and reactivity. The customer is at the heart of your concerns.

Congratulations on the success of this project.

Bruno *****