A pro-active and unobtrusive system

Confort acoustique VMC thermodynamiqueMyDATEC system works with a low airflow rate (ventilation airflows), ensuring unsurpassed levels of comfort:

A proactive and homogeneous temperature: With the power of heating or cooling through air, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV enables you to rapidly regulate the temperature of your home.  Assuming a good insulation and leak proof home, heating or cooling through existing air is the best solution for a rapid and controlled increase or reduction in home temperatures.

Thanks to reduced airflows, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV has the advantage of being extremely quiet and airflow is virtually inaudible, unlike some systems that require higher flow pressure in order to work.  By diffusing air via supply grilles that directs the airflow along the ceiling, the system also eliminates the sense of surrounding airflow.



CMV’s acoustic comfort

One of the features of MyDATEC system is the lack of operating noise in comparison with air/air heat pumps or traditional air conditioning systems. Noise can come from various sources and MyDATEC has resolved these issues:

When the heat pump starts working, the sound made by the compressor starting up can be heard and is similar to that of a small refrigerator. Even though this noise would be extremely low, MyDATEC technical design office will, when planning the unit fit for your project, select a location that is not in direct contact with a bedroom or other regularly occupied rooms, thus ensuring the best possible comfort levels for occupants. Furthermore, the unit is also equipped with an anti-vibration suspension device and kit.

A silent unit: when the system is on ventilation mode, it is completely inaudible

An efficient phonic network: air ducts can conduct the noise created by the airflow in the pipe. To prevent it, MyDATEC recommends the installation of an aluminium acoustic ducting, so that no sound will come from the network

The air ducts are customized: MyDATEC technical design office adapts the blown air pipes to your home’s lay out. In order to remain below 25 dB/A per room, we focus on the size of the blowing units and the speed of the air provided.

Insulation from external noise: by choosing a thermodynamic CMV, your home is protected from outside noise. Through its control of the airflow, the dual flow system isolates your home from external noise pollution.


3 functions in one compact unit

Peace of mind provides further comfort. MyDATEC is a compact system that takes little space. The dimensions of the unit allow you to store it in a cupboard, the basement, a utility room, or in the attic.

There are two versions of the product (horizontal and vertical), ensuring the unit finds a natural location to be situated in accordance with the layout of your home.

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