Pellet stove

Stove power from +1.4 kW to +8.3 kW

> Learn more about the benefits of the pellet stove.

Canadian hydraulic well


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> Discover the operation and advantages of the Canadian hydraulic well

Automatic bypass


Bypass power from -1 kW to +1 kW

You can improve the performance of your thermodynamic CMV by using the air from your aerodynamic Canadian well to good effect (to cool or heat your home) > .

Fresh air preheating (+ heater only)

preheating-air-nine-22 kW power per heater

The fresh air preheating system automatically regulates the temperature of the fresh air supply to your double flow ventilation system.

Heating vents

Power of 450 W per heating unit
Power of 450 W per heating unit

heating mouth

Ceiling heater

heating mouth

Wall-mounted heater