The exceptional energy saving performance of the thermodynamic double flow CMV

Performance RT MyDATEC Thermodynamic double flow ventilation energy savingThe system’s energy saving performance is among the best on the market, with an average COP of 5 at -7°C outside. Compared to another heating system, it will consume up to 5 times less electrical power for the same heating power supplied (average power supplied of 2 to 3 kW) thanks to the heat recovery on the extracted air of the double flow CMV.

The thermodynamic double flow CMV is the only system whose performance increases when the outside temperature drops.

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Compliance with the new energy saving regulations & enhancement of your home

MyDATEC has been developed specifically for the energy improvement of housing, so the system is perfectly adapted to the new regulations resulting from government agreements. In this way, the thermodynamic double flow CMV is ideal for both new house construction andrenovation projects.

Opting for a MyDATEC installation is a good way to enhance the value of your home when selling or renting and to improve the preservation of the building.


Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (DPE): change your energy label from red to green!

dpe-maison mydatec-vmc-double flux-renovation

Opting for a MyDATEC installation means choosing high-performance equipment to enhance your home. Whether you wish to sell or rent your property, the installation of a thermodynamic double flow ventilation system guarantees you to improve the preservation of the building and to better value your property.


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