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Ventilate, heat, cool, save!

 The Smart H is an AHU (Air Handling Unit) with thermodynamic recovery adapted to your project .


  • Air handling unit Double flow thermodynamic
  • Free cooling or active cooling
  • Dehumidification
  • Tertiary modulated ventilation with VOC and hygrometry sensor
  • Automatic changeover between heating and cooling (change over)
  • Flat design (false ceiling mounting possible)

Understand the overall heating solution of a MyDatec CMV

Field of application

  • Decentralized air handling unit for tertiary premises, up to 30 persons
  • Housing (new or renovation)

Implementation of the Smart H 

  • In an isolated technical room
  • Condensate to be provided
  • Insulated blower pipes (min. 25mm)
  • Insulated exhaust ducts (min. 25mm)
  • Reject / fresh air 25mm or 50mm insulated ducts
  • Electrical: 230V – 50Hz power supply (2.5mm²)
  • Communication: 4 wires 0.5mm² max.

Possible airflow configurations



  • Automatic start-up
  • Compact monobloc, without outdoor unit
  • 20/10 white pre-painted aluminum finish
  • Thermoacoustic insulation
  • Integrated extract air heat pump
  • Rotary compressor, French
  • Low energy fans (EC ERF 2015)
  • Adjustable ventilation rate
  • Unit precharged with R407C gas
  • Maintenance through the front panel
  • Wall bracket, with mounting diagram



Air handling unit range with thermodynamic recovery

KIT MyDATEC Smart 200H control unit Thermodynamic double flow CMV
Heater 3.9kW (including 2kW extra heaters)
Cooling 1.78kW (free cooling or active)
Wall bracket
Touch control
KIT MyDATEC Smart 300H control unit Thermodynamic double flow CMV
Heater 5.1kW (including 2kW extra heaters)
Cooling 2.67kW (free cooling or active)
Wall bracket
Touch control

Technical specifications

Smart 200H Smart 300H
COP (+7°C ext. / -7°C ext.) with
20°C int.

3,67 / 4,79

3.67 / 4.79

Hot power supplied at -7°C
ext. / 20°C int.


3.1 kW

Absorbed CAP power
normative at +7°C ext. / 20°C int.

0.52 kW

0.87 kW

EER at 35° C ext. /27°C int.



Cooling capacity supplied to
35° C ext /+27°C int.

1.78 kW

2.67 kW

Nominal air flow rate to be considered
account for the thermal calculation

200 m3/h

300 m3/h

Max. air flow rate configurable
(200 Pa)

600 m3/h

600 m3/h

Average absorbed current



Heater power
additional max.

2 kW

Power supply

230 V – 50 Hz

Recommended protection

10 A curve D




R 407 C

Refrigerant mass

900 g

Weight of the plant

60 Kg



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