[download link=”https://www.mydatec.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ECS_19102018.pdf”]See the data sheet Domestic hot water[/download]


The Edel thermodynamic water heater by Auer meets the requirements of the new thermal regulations.

Commonly referred to as a “tank”, this water heater is an excellent addition to the MyDatec global solution. In addition to reducing overall consumption, this thermodynamic heater will blend in completely with your new home. In renovation, it enhances your property by improving the energy label and reducing consumption.


  • COP 3.44
  • Tax credit
  • QFluid, ecological without HFC


  • RT2012 – BEPOS – Patented technology –
    not subject to F-GAS regulation
  • Standard NF16147
  • Labelled Eco conception low consumption

Field of application