Our thermodynamic double flow vmc often need a heating supplement to ensure the comfort of the harshest winter months.

Thus, MyDATEC offers to connect complementary thermostats to its CMVs. They will allow to feed a radiator or an electric floor automatically if there is a need for a supplement of energy.

  • The electric inertia heater offers in particular a homogeneous and economic heating. This inertia heater has the property of diffusing sufficient heat to preserve the comfort of the occupants.
  • The radiator and the underfloor heating can be combined with your double flow VMC to maximize energy efficiency.

Their control will further optimize the management of room heating, as these heating complements can be programmed automatically.

No need to turn on your heating supplements yourself, the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV does it for you!

MyDATEC also offers a solution to be installed directly under a floating floor.

For tertiary buildings, there are also ceiling solutions in the form of heated false ceiling tiles