The wood stove is often criticized for heating too much the room in which it is installed and not enough the rooms further away or on another floor. The MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV, thanks to a special intake (Brassage+ option), positioned near the wood stove, will capture part of the heat, then redistribute it to the rest of the house via the CMV’s air blowing network. Thus, the heat is more homogeneous and better distributed. Of course, there are commercial hot air distributors mounted on wood stoves, but the MyDATEC system has the advantage of using the existing network of the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system, and therefore requires no additional installation, while remaining very quiet.

In addition, the wood stove is often synonymous with “wood chores” and is not very suitable for heating in mid-season. Thanks to its integrated heat pump, MyDATEC’s thermodynamic CMV provides heating alone in mid-season, and most of the heating in winter, provided that the house meets the new standards for efficient construction (learn more about CMV regulations). This basic heating is diffused by the VMC via the air vents, and consumes very little energy thanks to the performance of its heat pump, which recovers heat from the polluted air in the house before letting it out. The wood-burning stove then functions as a user-friendly heating reserve, which is turned on on cold winter d