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MyDATEC test bench for balancing flows

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  • Certified installer of thermodynamic double flow and network balancing
  • Partner representing MyDATEC


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MyDATEC training

  • Public concerned: Electricians, Heating engineers, Refrigeration engineers
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: MyDATEC premises + 1st project
  • Price: consult us
  • Number of people: min 4 – max 8
  • Pre-requisites: electrical knowledge, experience in HVAC, building experience
  • Teaching tools: equipped installation, MyDATEC airflow bench. Evaluation of the acquired knowledge at the end of the course.


At the end of the training

  • Master the MyDATEC products.
  • Assimilate refrigeration notions on thermodynamic equipment.
  • Integrate the balancing procedure of the air network.
  • Master the commissioning of MyDATEC products.

Program of the day

Content of the training

1 – Ventilation as seen by MyDATEC
You will see via a dynamic support the principle of the thermodynamic CMV, the functioning of the system and the elementary rules of installation.

2 – Become a specialist in the installation of MyDATEC products

3 – Master the balancing of an aeraulic network and the commissioning of our products.

4 – Evaluation of your knowledge.

5 – MyDATEC visits you on your construction site during the realization of your project!>

6 – MyDATEC will assist you with your first commissioning


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