Technical Support

MyDATEC advice

MyDATEC advisers are available to explain to private individuals, as well as professionals, the concept behind dual flow thermodynamic CMV, to advise on its use, and confirm the technical feasibility of the project. We aim  to work as closely as possible with our clients,  informing them of the benefits of the system based on their specific scenario and, where necessary,  advising against installation if these benefits will not be achieved, thus  guaranteeing client satisfaction.


Setting up – Installation support

MyDATEC hotline team is on hand to provide support for the professional or DIY builder during set up. Every unit is delivered with a guide to test all the different functioning modes of the unit, allowing you to confirm that they are working as intended.  Receiving the setting up guide is the starting point of the guarantee.

MyDATEC also regularly offers set up and maintenance training sessions on our products aimed at professionals.


To contact MyDATEC Hotline

MyDATEC Hotline is on hand to guide you through the whole set up from the system’s installation to start up. To ensure further peace of mind, they are also available to provide a diagnostic analysis and troubleshooting if the system breaks down.

For a breakdown diagnostic analysis, please contact us on

Hotlines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm on +33 4 78 66 07 07