Other ventilation standards

MyDATEC, thermodynamic ventilation and WEEE

WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Among the obligations in the field of ventilation, we find the WEEE: The European Union requires all member states to collect, clean up and recycle all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In France, a general interest network, approved by the public authorities, has been operating since November 2006. It complies with strict criteria of respect for the environment and traceability of the equipment collected, right up to its transformation into new raw material or energy.

The eco-participation that is paid corresponds to the cost of collection, depollution and recycling of old appliances, considered as electrical and electronic household waste. This is not a tax, but a financial contribution to the operation of the approved system. This amount is fully transferred to an approved eco-organization.

MyDATEC participates in the collection of its thermodynamic CMVs through the approved eco-organization Eco-systèmes.

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