Customising the « All in One » Kit

In most cases, MyDATEC will work alongside its clients from the project design to implementation stage :

Preliminary draft and sizing of the installation

Dimensionnement VMC double flux thermodynamique MyDATECEvery project is unique, and each building site different, so MyDATEC specializes in “custom made” solutions. Every home equipment project involves a technical study of the building’s plans, conducted free of charge by our engineers.

With :

  • Our mathematical software
  • Our in-house design team
  • 15 Years of experience in dual flow thermodynamic CMV

During the study we take care of:

  • The system’s sizing in relation to air control, compliance with statutory air flow and comfort levels
  • Quotation/ Estimate
  • The plans
  • Electronic mapping of the plan in accordance with the project’s requirements


Onsite delivery of the « All in One » Kit: a turnkey solution

The system is delivered directly onsite in an “all in one” kit, with all accessories and components in accordance with the set up plan. The kit’s accessories are prepared based on the studied project drawings. The accessories supplied are customized for each project and comply with the thermal requirements to ensure the unit functions well.

The mapping of the components and codes will enable the installer to set up the unit in accordance with the requirements, ensuring that performance of the system is enhanced. The kit is complete and does not require any additional accessories. We are proud of this unique level of service and MyDATEC guarantees the performance of their clients’ equipment



After Sales Service (ASV)


MyDATEC engineers can follow over the phone, every step of the setting up until the installation is complete and the unit turned on. In case of a breakdown or during maintenance periods, MyDATEC’s hotline and its engineers are on hand to help out.