Wood Stove Connection

Wood heating systems, like stoves or fireplace inserts are popular with homeowners at the moment, due to their reduced operating cost. However, this system’s primary drawback is that it can provide too much heat especially in close proximity to the stove or fireplace – “It gets much too hot, too quickly” is a common observation. A traditional stove or fireplace also has difficulties heating rooms outside of that in which it is situated or the other levels.

MyDATEC « Wood stove connection* » option can take advantage of any type of heating source (wood stove, fireplace insert,…) by drawing  heat from this source to add it to the unit’s heat,  before spreading it in an even and regulated manner with the help of a thermostat, throughout the home.

This can occur automatically, or through manual intervention, depending on the user’s requirements. Choosing this option enables you to optimize your levels of home comfort, using only renewable energies.

MyDATEC systems work hand in hand with wood energy systems, providing an ideal source of backup heat for the thermodynamic unit and complete provision of your heating requirements. Having the option of MyDATEC in addition to a wood stove is the best way to delay the use of your wood stove when the outside temperatures are only moderately low, as the most appropriate heating methods are available to select from for optimal comfort.

* Please note that the wood stove will require an outside inlet of new air for its combustion in order to be compatible with MyDATEC dual flow thermodynamic ventilation system.