How does it work ?

Smart+ V

ccm-1 Reactive system (no inertia)
ccm-2 Built-in heat pump, no external units
ccm-3 Filter maintenance starting from 30€/year
ccm-4 Hot air supply (together with the wood-burning stove)


740 W consumed = 1 780 W suppliedheating in winter

500 W consumed = 1 900 W supplied

Smart H

ccm-h-1 1 to 30 people
ccm-h-2 Adjusted ventilation output = air quality
ccm-h-3 VOC detector = healthy guests
ccm-h-4 Humidity detector = protected




Ventilation output from 100 to 600 m³/h



Find out how a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) works, the differences between each different type of CMV as well as their benefits and drawbacks by clicking on the options below and choosing your season (Summer/Winter)

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