Air Quality


The risks associated with indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality, although difficult to appreciate, is a real public health issue. Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air. Generally, people do not detect indoor high pollution levels. Yet they can be the cause of many respiratory illnesses and problems, and of a general state of “feeling ill”. Although in the past we have not concerned ourselves with air pollution in buildings, today, our houses are increasingly leak proof to reduce energy consumption

  • Renewing air in a closed environment has now become vital. This is why installing a CMV has become a necessity as it helps to:
  • Renew the building’s air (CO2 extraction)
  • Extract humidity (Breathing/Shower/Kitchen…) Goal: 40 to 60% humidity
  • Extract VOC (volatile organic compound) or pollutants released by materials in the house, in particular formaldehyde.

It is one of MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV’s main functions. Once ventilation flows are under control, it is the logical next step to reclaim heat loss caused by exhaust air. This is why MyDATEC is now being installed in many schools, nurseries, dental as well as medical practices, places where indoor air quality cannot be compromised..


How does MyDATEC improve indoor air quality

MyDATEC renews air: thermodynamic CMV is the only air heating system that is based on the concept of complete fresh air intake. With the thermodynamic CMV, outdoor pollutants are continuously extracted, unlike a traditional air to air heat exchanger, which recycles indoor air. As the heat of the exhaust air is extracted by the MyDATEC system, ventilating is no longer an issue. Unlike other CMV systems that reduces flow rate to its minimum to avoid energy loss from ventilation, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV extracts as much as necessary, providing maximum comfort and a building that is protected from deterioration caused by humidity (mould, fungus…)

Comparison between minimum air flow rates required with the air flow rate generated by MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV

Number of rooms 1 2 3 4 5 & +
Hygro-adjustable single flow CMV 10 m3/h 10 m3/h 15 m3/h 20 m3/h 25 m3/h
Self-adjustable single flow CMV 35 m3/h 60 m3/h 75 m3/h 90 m3/h 105 m3/h
MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV From 100 to 300 m3/h From 110 to 300 m3/h From 150 to 300 m3/h From 160 to 300 m3/h From 170 to 300 m3/h

MyDATEC filters pollutants, allergens…: MyDATEC filters twice, first on exhaust air, then on fresh air before it enters the house. Essential for people prone to allergies, and asthmatics, the system is particularly efficient against allergens and traditional pollutants.  This process is only effective, however, as long as the MyDATEC CMV filters are cleaned regularly. (Filters category G4 to M5).


How does MyDATEC CMV control humidity ?

MyDATEC naturally dehumidifies. The heat pump accumulates sensible heat (or heat transferred by contact) and latent heat (heat released through the different stages of water). In this way, blown air is always drier after travelling through the heat pump. This Qualité de l'air VMC double flux  thermodynamique maison BBC ventilation chauffage climatisationis why the MyDATEC dual flow thermodynamic CMV is frequently used in coastal areas or to solve issues in rooms particularly prone to humidity.

The ideal hygrometry rate is between 45% and 65% of relative humidity: below, air is too dry, above air holds too much humidity (feeling cold), over 100% and saturation or fog begin.