3 functions working together in harmony to maximize your energy savings

MyDATEC and Ventilation

  • More efficient than any other single or traditional dual flow CMV, MyDATEC continuously extracts air from rooms in the home prone to condensation (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and toilet) for a healthier house than ever before.
  • MyDATEC filters new air, to guarantee optimal indoor air quality
  • The dual flow thermodynamic CMV removes moisture from air within the home, thus preventing condensation.

MyDATEC and heating

  • MyDATEC actively heats your home by retaining heat generated indoors (2 to 3 kW of energy produced by the exhaust air heat pump)
  • It ensures the temperature is consistent throughout the home as it distributes heat from the heaters (through an option of combining with a wood stove)
  • Unlike a traditional heat pump, MyDATEC efficiency improves as the outdoor temperature drops

MyDATEC and cooling

  • MyDATEC provides refreshingly, gentle and consistent air-conditioning in summer, all around the home (up to 2kW of cooling power is produced by the exhaust air heat pump)
  • Unlike an air conditioner, the system is very quiet.
  • MyDATEC also assures a natural “free cooling” effect and is respectful of the environment