MyDATEC for renovations: Change your energy rating and go from red to green !

A recent CSTB (Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment – Scientific and technical centre for building) study of renovated houses found that 72% of energy expenditure was accounted for by heating the house.

You are thinking of undertaking some renovation work, then we can help to make your building more economy conscious !

When thinking of renovating, MyDATEC consultants will always advise to start by making your house :

  1. More leak proof
  2. Better insulated

Once this is done, as with new builds, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV will suddenly make sense and its performances will be optimized.

MyDATEC for renovations: the best way to postpone the installation of a frugal heating system:

Of course, MyDATEC can be used in houses less efficient than LEB houses. In these cases, the implementation of a thermodynamic CMV will delay the use of another heavier heating system that will also use more energy (gas boiler, electric gas, etc.) and in most instances be enough to guarantee good temperature control and heating conditions in a house during mid season.  For a similar level of power output, compared with an entirely electric heating system, this system will enable you to use 5 times less electric power, thanks to heat recovery on exhaust air (in the case of a RT 250 at -7°C outdoors – COP of 5,38).

However MyDATEC delivers 2 to 3 kW of power, which usually is not enough for a renovation. You can use additional electric backup heaters (up to an additional 3kW) to add an additional heating source if you wish to.

With MyDATEC, increase your house value !

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By installing MyDATEC, you are achieving an improved energy rating, thereby increasing the sale as well as rental value of your house. An opportunity to comply with 2012 Thermal regulations!

Out of 3000 houses fitted with MyDATEC, close to half were during renovation work.