New builds in accordance with Thermal regulations

MyDATEC in new builds: the ideal solution for low energy buildings (LEB) and passive houses

MyDATEC thermodynamic systems offer outstanding returns in high energy performance houses. It is now part of LEB and passive houses.



Example of a LEB House in accordance with 2012 Thermal regulations equipped with MyDATEC:


  • Towel radiators in the bathroom
  • Additional wood stove for winter



Summer comfort (Comfort index temperature)

  • MyDATEC (if required this function can be restricted)

Sanitary hot water production

  • Outdoor air or solar thermodynamic sanitary hot water tank

Additional heating components for very cold areas:

  • Wood stove: Connecting MyDATEC on a wood stove to distribute a controlled source of heat throughout the entire house.
  • An integrated electric resistance: They will only be called upon if MyDATEC cannot independently achieve the temperature determined by the thermostat
  • Air and hydraulic underground heat exchanger : to even out extreme temperature peaks and troughs for the summer and winter months


What is a house with good thermal performance? (LEB 2012 Thermal regulation, passive houses, etc.)

An energy efficient house (LEB buildings and passive houses), is one which needs little, or no heavy heating equipment in order to heat up.

There are two complimentary means to maintain a warm building (this principle is comparable to keeping a house cool in summer) :

1. Raise the volume of air in the building to temperature

  • You can initiate this increase in temperature via a heating system (electrical energy, gas, wood…)
  • You can also achieve this result with natural means (adding heat via strategically positioned glass surfaces, for instance)
  • Alternatively, there are sources of heat emitted by people and activities taking place within the house (human warmth, domestic appliances, heat let out by the bathroom when someone is taking a shower etc…)

2. Reduce the heat loss (or thermal loss) from the house :

To achieve this you need: a leak proof house (to avoid heat loss caused by air leakage), good insulation (to avoid heat loss via exterior walls and roof). This is a key objective of new building methods and of new thermal regulations that are being implemented in 2013 – to built LEB houses (that require less heating) and to go towards passive houses (that require no or minimal heating) by 2020.

MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV is THE ventilation solution for houses with good thermal performance

After having worked hard at building a leak proof and well insulated house, it is understandable that you might find difficult to appreciate the benefits of building direct openings to the outside via the air inlet located above the doors and windows (theory behind the single flow CMV).

However, the better a house is insulated, the more important it becomes to ventilate it effectively in order to extract traditional and toxic pollutants (various volatile organic compound and formaldehyde).  Yet the most economical single flow systems (Hygro-adjustable single flow) have the characteristic to significantly reduce the ventilation level to counter the associated thermal loss.

It becomes therefore logical to choose a dual flow ventilation system, which guarantees reasonable levels of ventilation, whilst at the same time preventing the house from cooling through the escape of hot air and introduction of cold air. The best solution is to adopt a system that will retain the heat of the CMV exhaust air within the house by mixing it with fresh air before it enters the house. The thermodynamic dual flow CMV is the only system capable of achieving such a result.MyDATEC dual flow thermodynamic CMV, thanks to its 100% thermodynamic functioning, is currently the most efficient system available for the recovery of heat from exhaust air. Thanks to the exhaust air, a heating power of 2 to 3KW is added to the new air before it enters the house, with a COP of 4 to 5 depending on the outside temperature. (3Kw heat power supplied for 0,6Kw of electric power consumed)

Energy efficient houses and overheating issues in summer – (or summer comfort)

In LEB and passive houses, a rapid overheating of the building often occurs.

MyDatec VMC double flux thermodynamique pour maison neuve

Although these houses are well suited to winter conditions, the issue of overheating can be a problem during the summer but also even in the winter and sometimes between these seasons as well!

The LEB and passive houses can rapidly overheat even with a small heating source (sometimes towel heaters or solar panels in winter are enough for this to occur), but there are more difficult to actively cool down.

With the reversibility of the heat pump and its various airflows, MyDATEC system can actively cool down the building, and even ensure if necessary a green friendly “free cooling”. In addition , by choosing to heat and cool by air, as allowed by MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV, you are choosing the more active regulation mode  (no inertia similar to an under floor heating for example)