Application in the Service Sector

MyDATEC already equips schools, offices, hair salons, medical and dental practices… and many other office buildings.

tertiaire vmc thermodynamique mydatec

MyDATEC’s concept is based on two main principles

  • Permanent, controlled and adjustable airflows, essential in confined spaces
  • Calorific and cool energy transfer from indoor heat sources

Therefore, the more ventilation is needed, the more a performing heat on exhaust air is required. This is why our products are fit in confined spaces with high human activity, such as classrooms, offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms… where efficient ventilation is required.

Choosing MyDATEC for service buildings such as offices, schools, medical practices, small commercial buildings, enables you to make the most of:


  • The best exhaust air energy recovery ratio of the market
  • An efficient and decentralized CMV (1 independent network per room, no entwined air networks)
  • A responsive heater, thanks to thermal power regulation and cooling provided to fresh air by exhaust air.