A dual-flow thermodynamic CMV Explained

The Principle of ventilation

Your home contains multiple sources of heat :

  • The bathroom, for instance when taking a shower
  • The kitchen, when cooking
  • The household appliances (washing machine, tumble-dryer, oven)
  • Or simply the occupants

This air, filled with heat energy, is generally considered to be “contaminated”, and should be rejected outside and replaced with fresh, externally sourced air. This is the basis of ventilation.


Better than a dual flow, a new generation of CMV …

Where a traditional dual flow will passively gather some of the heat contained in the exhaust air before rejecting it outside, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV will recover the heat of the exhaust air enabling it to actively regulate your home’s temperature.

The system feeds on the heat extracted from your home to ventilate it, separating the calories using a patented system of exhaust air heat pump and spreading it out into healthy and clean air, before distributing it throughout the entire home.


An added bonus:  Summer comfort

Thanks to its reversible exhaust air heat pump, MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV can also spread a cool flow of air throughout your home via the ventilation network.

MyDATEC therefore supplies heating and cooling options to maintain comfortable living conditions inside the home, whilst at the same time providing an eco friendly solution based on renewable energy.


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